Earl, Honey

“Hiring Marlene to provide a developmental edit for EARL, HONEY was the most beneficial decision I made during the entire journey of crafting, publishing and promoting this novel. I appreciated her ability to see the big picture and identify structural improvements, as well as her recommendations for how I might tighten and advance the narrative. Her notes were easy to follow. She was always available for a clarifying question. And her assistance with the logline and marketing suggestions helped me refine my approach to book promotion. I look forward to our next fruitful collaboration.”

-D.S. Getson, “Earl Honey”
(Troubador Publishing, 2022)

Her Honor

“As a first-time author, I was the fortunate beneficiary of Marlene Adelstein’s wisdom and editing of my book proposal. Thank you, Marlene, for believing in my book that was published by Celadon, a division of Macmillan. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

-LaDoris Hazzard Cordell, “Her Honor”
(Celadon Books, 2021)

“I have been lucky my whole life, and my luck held as I chose a very fine editor, Marlene Adelstein, who made the manuscript markedly better.”

-Neil Bockoven, “Moctu and the Mammoth People: An Ice Age Story of Love, Life and Survival”
(Waldorf Publishing, 2019)

“Marlene has a remarkable eye. She can cut to the heart of your manuscript and not only intuit what it needs to reach the next level, but clearly explain how to get it there. I couldn’t have brought my novel together without her.”

-Cameron MacKenzie, “The Beginning of His Eventful and Excellent Career”
Madhat Press (2018)

“Think of Marlene as the writer’s friend. She is blessed with the gift of entering into your story and making it the story you hoped to write”

-Peter Golden, “Comeback Love,” “Wherever There Is Light” and “Nothing Is Forgotten”
(Atria Books, 2015, 2012, 2018)

“Working with Marlene was both personally enjoyable and creatively invaluable. She is smart, funny, honest and encouraging. Her notes, questions and structural suggestions helped turn fifty pages of memory fragments into one hundred and fifty pages of a coherent manuscript that I was able to pitch confidently and sell quickly.”

-Violet Stiel, “Ghostbuster’s Daughter”
(Blue Rider Press, 2018)

“I was looking for an editor with a keen sense of both the craft and the business. Marlene was a perfect fit. She has a strong sense of the big picture–what’s working and what’s not–and is also a terrific line-editor. She helped me make tremendous strides in my work, and even introduced me to several wonderful agents. Marlene is always a pleasure to work with–honest, detail-oriented, and patient. A true partner in the writing process.”

-Michael Barsa, “The Garden of the Blue Roses”
(Underland Press, 2018)

“Marlene’s editing was invaluable in making my novel the best version it could be. She’s easy to work with, extremely professional, and gifted with a good sense for what’s working in a manuscript and what isn’t. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

-Hillary Adrienne Stern, “The Garment Maker’s Daughter”
(Hillary A. Stern, 2016)

“Marlene is an exceptionally gifted editor with a rare knack for providing deep insights in a kind, thoughtful manner. In just a short time, she helped me figure out the deepest motivations of my character which weren’t obvious to me despite having spent years with the book. Without her sage advice, I would not have received a publishing offer from Penguin-Random House. I highly recommend her and wish I had used her for my previous novels.”

-Karan Bajaj, #1 Bestselling Indian novelist, “The Yoga of Max’s Discontent”
(Penguin-Random House, 2016)

“Marlene knows it all: writing, editing, and the publishing business. She’s a rare find, an editor with talent, connections and an insider’s knowledge of the trade. Thanks to her, I found a wonderful agent and sold my first novel as part of a two-book deal!”

-Alison Gaylin, USA Today and International bestselling author and Edgar winner, “Never Look Back,” “If I Die Tonight,” “Hide Your Eyes” and others.
(NAL/Signet, Harper)

“Marlene is wonderful to work with. First – and this is much more rare than you might imagine — she starts with the good news. She gives you that boost of confidence you need to keep going. You never doubt her firm and experienced hand in the background. And she’s a populist: not a literary snob, but ready to dig in on many different genres. I know she helped my book – ultimately called Dig Two Graves – really improve.”

-Kim Powers, “Dig Two Graves”
(Tyrus Books, 2015)

“For an honest and insightful read from a true pro who knows the industry well, I’d recommend Marlene Adelstein. She’s prompt, imaginative, and her broad background in publishing comes through in edits and suggestions.”

-Antoinette May, “The Determined Heart: The Tale of Mary Shelley and Her Frankenstein”
(Lake Union Publishing, 2015)

“I have so many positive things to say about working with Marlene Adelstein. She navigates so well the delicate relationship between editor and author. She is professional, insightful and spot on with her suggestions. She was able to view my manuscript from both afar and close up and honed in on exactly what was needed to organize it in the best way possible. Beyond Marlene’s superb skills as an editor, she also has an astute marketing sensibility. Marlene is a joy to work with and I feel fortunate to have her as both an editor and a friend.”

-Anne Serling, “As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling”
(Kensington Press, 2013)

“Marlene had much to do with its success. Her input was invaluable.”

-Peter Hayes, “My Lady of the Bog: An Archeo-Forensic Mystery”
(Permanent Press, 2014)

“Marlene is a pleasure to work with. Her editing is concise and thoughtful, making it easy to incorporate.”

-Matthias Wolf
(Razor Wolf Entertainment, 2014)

“Marlene not only helped me sculpt The Grace of Crows but also encouraged me to keep at it.”

-Tracy Shawn, “The Grace of Crows”
(Cherokee McGhee, 2013)

“Thorough. Thoughtful. Caring. Careful. That’s what Marlene’s partnership feels like. It’s a heck of a commitment: diving into another writer’s writing, attuning to it, articulating its current state, projecting its possibilities. Marlene balances analysis with encouragement. With her insights, I jumped into a spot-on final edit of my debut novel.”

-Amanda McTigue, “Going to Solace”
(Harper Davis, 2012)

“Marlene always provided honest and thoughtful feedback. Every interaction I had with her, from the official editing phase to helping me with my query letter, felt sincere and personal.”

-Dan Cardinal, “Will”

“Marlene is at the top of her game. I’ll forever save her assessments of my novel The Better Club. They function as a personalized tutorial on writing compelling fiction. Priceless!”

-Paul Damien, “The Better Club”

“When I started working with Marlene, I knew right away she was an exceptional editor. Not only did she help me make my novel sing, she also buoyed me with her enthusiasm and expertise -she even helped me find the right agent.”

-Kristen Wolf, “The Way”
(Crown Books, 2011)

“Marlene is an invaluable asset. Her editing is top-notch and so is her wisdom and expertise. She is not only my editor, but a true mentor. She has literally pushed me to become the best writer I can be.”

-Tama Ryder, “Where’s the Watch?! And Other Tales From Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo” by Len Lesser and Tama Ryder
(Staff Pick Press, 2011)

“I am extremely grateful to Marlene Adelstein whose brilliant editorial advice helped bring this story to life.”

-Erika Liodice, “Empty Arms”
(Dreamspire Books, 2011)

“Since there were three people working on our book, it was sometimes difficult to reach a consensus. There was no difficulty when it came to Marlene. We all agreed her contribution was immeasurable. She contributed to every aspect of our book; the overall structure, the subject matter, the accuracy of our research and the consistency of the main character’s motivation and follow through. All done with a light touch and a great sense of humor.”

-Dal LaMagna, in collaboration with Wally Carbone and Carla S. Reuben, Authors of “Raising Eyebrows: A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right”
(John Wiley & Sons, 2010)

“Marlene Adelstein is an inspired editor. Not only is she thorough and meticulous, but she always has a full arsenal of creative solutions at hand — all delivered with kindness and patience.”

-Susan Golomb, Susan Golomb Literary Agency

“I’ve known and worked with Marlene for many years and am continually impressed by her keen eye, acute critical judgement and plain good sense. I consider her a valuable resource as well as a boon to writers.”

-Deborah Schneider, Gelfman/Schneider Literary Agents, Inc.

“Marlene helped me find Angela Shelton with her expert advice on my memoir Finding Angela Shelton. She helped it flow like a dream – including the dream journal within the book. Even though I was assigned an editor through the publishing house, I am so grateful I also hired Marlene. The book would not have been as good without her help. Marlene really did fix my book.”

-Angela Shelton, author, actor, orator, “Finding Angela Shelton”, Meredith Books

“As a first-time novelist, working with Marlene was an invaluable experience. She came highly recommended and I would recommend her to others in a heartbeat. Marlene has a terrific commercial sensibility and a sense of humor, and was key in terms of giving clear, concise feedback, not only to structure and form, but also to character, story development and pacing. Clear, objective feedback – so important when you spend so much time in your own head!”

-Jodi Wing, “The Art of Social War: A Novel”
(Harper Paperbacks; Film rights optioned with Jennifer Lopez slated to star)

“Marlene is smart, professional, and has helped many of my projects develop into better, more evolved pieces. I am grateful to have her as a resource for my business.”

-Wendy Lipp, Publisher, Prashanti Press LLC

“Working with Marlene Adelstein was a first-time novelist’s dream come true. Along with her skilled and experienced eye, she brought a sensitive and encouraging touch to the work. Her spot-on suggestions, attention to detail, and gentle guidance helped me bring my vision to life with clarity and polish. Reliable, fast, and a consummate professional, Marlene is a five star editor in every way. It was a privilege to share my literary journey with her and I look forward to the next one!”

-Jeanne Bogino, “Rock Angel”
(Prashanti Press, 2014)

“I’ve known Marlene Adelstein for many years. I have always admired and trusted her eye for a great story. In the time that she’s been working as a consultant and editor I’ve referred many writers to her, all of whom have called to say how grateful they’ve been, how invaluable Marlene has been to the process of completing their work.”

-Judy Clain, V.P., Editor in Chief, Little, Brown & Company

“Marlene Adelstein is an invaluable asset to a writer. She worked with my client, Anne Serling on her memoir, AS I KNEW HIM, Kensington 2013. Working with an author on a memoir is tricky and difficult….and Marlene navigated the waters with a combination of respect, grace, and a straight ahead vision of purpose. I can’t recommend highly enough.”

-Erica Spellman-Silverman, literary agent, Trident Media Group

“Marlene took what was a roughly formed manuscript and shaped it into a well formed book. She was incredibly patient, understanding, and thoughtful. I learned more about writing during my edits with Marlene than at any other time in my career. I am eternally grateful!”

-Amanda Brown, “Legally Blonde” and “Family Trust” (Dutton)

“If you’ve been working by yourself for years and need a fresh, super sharp eye to take your work to the next level, then I highly recommend you contact Marlene.”

-Jennifer Lehr, “Ill-Equipped for a Life of Sex”
(ReganBooks an imprint of Harpercollins)

“When it comes to writing and story telling, Marlene has the gift of great instinct and the badge of great experience. She is also an exceptionally lovely person and a pleasure to work with. No wonder Marlene is not just connected but so very highly regarded in the realms of both publishing and film.”

-Hadley Davis, screenwriter “Ice Princess”, Walt Disney Pictures

“Marlene’s editorial eye has been a wonderful tool for me in the revision process. My goal is to present my editor with the cleanest, most evolved manuscript possible. Marlene’s specific, detailed comments have helped me take a closer look and dig a little deeper.”

– Inglath Cooper, “Unfinished Business” and “The Lost Daughter of Pigeon Hollow”
(Harlequin Superromance )

“I’ve known and worked with Marlene Adelstein for over seven years, and along with finding her to be a warm and loyal friend, she has always impressed me with her ability to spot writing talent, her great skill at giving broad and specific constructive criticism on literary and dramatic writing, and her intelligent ideas on business strategies for blatantly commercial, and uniquely challenging literary and film projects. Marlene is connected and respected in both the film and literary worlds, and her mind applied to any writing project greatly enhances that project’s prospects for reaching its audience.”

-Susan Cartsonis, Producer of “Where the Heart Is” and “What Women Want”, Partner and Co-founder Resonate Entertainment

“Marlene’s background working in so many different storytelling formats makes her unique among freelance editors. She is able to bring a very specific eye to her work with writers.”

–Lisa Callamaro, Lisa Callamaro Agency

“I would be lost without Marlene Adelstein! Not only is she quick and dependable, but her editing service offers critiques in notes that are so articulate and insightful, they not only help me to organize my writing but inspire it as well.”

-Rachel Gallagher, “The Girl Who Loved Garbo” (D. Fine) and “The Influence of Absence”

“As a screenwriter, I wouldn’t think of sending a project to a producer before Marlene’s had a chance to look at it. She’s the kind of editor who cannot only help identify where the problems are, she can help you find solutions too. And because of her years of experience in the movie business, she knows what the buyers are thinking and what they’re looking for.”

-Mike Gaylin, screenwriter, “No Escape”

“Marlene has always given me insightful, accurate, and helpful feedback. She has a real knack for getting you to take a step back from a piece of work and refocus on the big picture, especially when you’ve gotten too close to do so yourself. I’ve really enjoyed and benefited from working with her. She’s also been extremely helpful helping me find the right agent.”

-Louis Rosenberg, novelist/screenwriter, “Upgrade,” “Paper Trail,” “Mindplay”